What is Strategic Hospitality Solutions?
Strategic Hospitality Solutions (SHS) is a specialized, concierge style venue selection and contract negotiation organization focused on our select clientele, placing Meetings, Incentives and Exhibitions primarily in the luxury level Hotel and Resort market.

What do you mean by Concierge style?
Concierge style simply means our clients take precedence at all times. Because our client base is select and exclusive we are able to guarantee priority treatment to all. If you reach out to us, you will hear back from us the same day, usually within an hour or two. We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled service levels for each and every one of our clients. If you are a client of SHS you are not one of 50, 100 or 1000 clients, you are one of a very select few, and our most important client when you need us.

Is there a cost to my company?
No, there is no charge or cost to your company for our services. Strategic Hospitality Solutions (SHS) is a commission based organization funded directly and solely by the hotels and resorts we select.

Can you facilitate my meeting from start to finish?
Although Strategic Hospitality Solutions' primary focus is site selection and contract negotiation, we do have access to and affiliation with several of the most prestigious, full service Meeting Planning organizations in America. If you need help on-site, we can certainly provide the custom solution you're looking for.

Is my meeting too small or too large for Strategic Hospitality Solutions?
If your group is larger than 10 people, you are not too small for Strategic Hospitality Solutions. Our average group size is approximately 150 attendees, however, we are very comfortable working with much smaller and much larger groups. Whatever size your group is, you can expect the same individual attention, focus and expertise from Strategic Hospitality Solutions. When you need us, you are our most important customer.

What are the benefits of working with Strategic Hospitality Solutions?
The benefits of working with Strategic Hospitality Solutions are many, and not limited to the following;
•    Time savings
•    Resource conservation
•    Stress reduction
•    Information consolidation
•    Risk minimization
•    Conflict Resolution

Can you help me with my International Meeting?
Yes, most certainly. Strategic Hospitality Solutions has a long history of successfully sourcing and contracting International meetings, and years of experience in that market. We have placed  numerous meetings throughout Europe and Canada and will be happy to help you navigate the International waters.

Will you save my company money?
Yes, we will! Strategic Hospitality Solutions will save you money by reducing the time and resources you must expend to find and contract the proper location for your Meeting, Incentive or Exhibition. Additionally, we will save you money through economies of scale, expert negotiation of contracts and risk mitigation.

Is Strategic Hospitality Solutions affiliated with a particular Brand or group of Hotels?
No, Strategic Hospitality Solutions is not affiliated with any particular hotel or hotel brand. This is by design and enables us the ability to locate the ideal property for your event and negotiate a favorable agreement without bias or outside influence.

How long does the process last?
Well, that really depends on the client, and how quickly the client wishes to move forward. In some cases the process may take only a few days or weeks. In other instances the process may take months or longer. The length of the process is driven entirely by the need of the client.

* Additional pricing will be required to provide on site services.

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