Placing and contracting a Meeting, Incentive or Exhibition, can be a difficult task. Finding the precise Hotel or Resort to accomplish short and long-term goals is critical to the success of your program. The search process can require arduous hours of  investigation and analysis while utilizing significant resources. Additionally, after you have located a venue, you must then navigate the contracting process which is complicated and nuance-laden. A mistake or oversight during either of these critical stages could result in an unforeseen and potentially large expense to your budget and bottom line.

Strategic Hospitality Solutions (SHS) is a specialized, concierge style venue selection and contract negotiation organization, serving our select clientele with the responsibility of locating the appropriate Hotel or Resort to effectively accomplish your strategic goals while minimizing contracted risk. By providing this valuable service, SHS saves you time, resources, risk, stress and ultimately money.

Don Macumber, President of Strategic Hospitality Solutions, has over 30 years of experience in the luxury level Hotel and Resort market and has successfully placed and contracted thousands of Meetings, Incentives, and Exhibitions during his career. His insight, industry knowledge and integrity are the pillars of Strategic Hospitality Solutions and the foundation for your next successful meeting.

If you would like to learn more about Strategic Hospitality Solutions, please feel free to call or email us. We would enjoy the privilege of speaking with you about how SHS can assist you with your upcoming meeting.

Don Macumber, President

Strategic Hospitality Solutions

Don Macumber, President of Strategic Hospitality Solutions

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