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A short (strictly personal) view of Dave Danjczek

There are those who believe that if the Democrats get their way, Washington will function properly.  Others believe that only Republicans can solve problems of the world.  Some believe we need to drain the swamp.  I have an apolitical view to bring forward for your consideration.Let’s first congratulate and be grateful to our founding fathers.  Our basic creed, the Constitution, goes back to 1787.  In just 55 days in Philadelphia during hot summer months (more on the importance of this in just a few lines) “the delegates managed to endure an unbearably hot and humid Philadelphia summer” to write a document that has withstood the test of time.  It is truly an incredible feat to craft a document with only 27 amendments in 230 years.

That should lead us to say that all is well with our federal government.  But few feel that way today.  We are overwhelmed by regulation after regulation, minds numbed by congressional actions, etc., etc.  I remember reading that Thomas Jefferson said “He, who governs least, governs best.”   What ever happened to that concept?The authoring of our founding document shows the brilliance of the delegates – truly amazing.  However, our founding fathers – as skilled as they were in wordsmithing – were unfortunately inept in conceiving of future technologies.  And therein, in my humble option, lies the problem we face today.  All of Washington’s problems can be blamed on technical drawings drafted on July 17, 1902. After that, nothing would be the same.  The research engineer's name?  Willis Carrier.   But before we talk about the damage that Willis (unintentionally) brought to our nation, let’s first discuss our founding fathers.

Our founding fathers – for a whole series of reasons – chose to put the new nation’s capital in Washington, D.C.  It is a city that is oft times numbingly cold in winter, unbearably hot in the summer with oppressive humidity the likes of which is usually associated with swamps and wetlands.  A city whose normal temperatures make it a place to reside only part of the year.  As I said, our founding fathers were brilliant in writing a document that truly has withstood the test of time.  Not counting the Bill of Rights, only 17 changes in 230 years - that is one change every thirteen plus years. A truly unique document. But, unfortunately for those of us living in the 21st Century, the lack of foresight by the authors to conceive that Willis the engineer would develop a product that has changed Washington, D.C.  and perhaps damaged this nation for its continuing existence.

Our founding fathers envisioned a part time government.  They never dreamt that anyone would want to reside or work in a city that is too cold in the winter, too hot and humid in the summer.  They never visualize that Willis would come along and – gasp – invent air-conditioning systems.  The whole concept of part time government based on weather went out the window (so to speak).  Actually windows have been sealed in most of the buildings to hold the outside air out.  Congress adds staff.  Administrations add bureaucrats. There are no real controls on the number of folks employed by all branches of the government.  The weather no longer plays a role in working in Washington, D.C.  

Fear not, because there is a solution.  

We need to go back to the basic intent of our founding fathers.  Their plan was a part time government.  We should honor that plan.  All we need to do is remove every form of air-conditioning and heating from each and every government office.  In my opinion, that change would bring us back to the intent of our founding fathers.  It also has multiple environmental advantages in not wasting utilities, lowering pollution with reduced emissions from cars and other transportation systems, and even reducing hot air from multiple pontificating sources.  It would also reduce government spending.  Our government would have to become more efficient and its bureaucrats actually accomplish finite goals in a limited time.  A unique idea?  Perhaps.  A stupid concept?  Maybe.  We have tried every other solution.  Those other solutions have not worked, so why not try it.  Darn you Willis Carrier!  

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In honor of May Day,  or Mayday after you have a read through, it is my pleasure to introduce Strategic Hospitality Solutions first guest blogger my long time dear friend, Dave Danjczek. Enjoy!